Llanrhystud to Aberystwyth

The route between Llanrhystud and Aberystwyth is a challenging but dramatic and rewarding section of Ceredigion Heritage Coast. The 'hanging woodlands' of Penderi Cliffs nature reserve have been stunted by the strong sea winds. 

From Llanrhystud, the path follows the cliff past evocatively named spots such as Tŵr Gwylanod (seagulls' tower) Twll Twrw (the 'noise hole' or the 'clashing cavern') and Mynachdy'r Graig' (the monk's house on the cliff) 

The 'hanging woodlands' of Penderi Cliffs nature reserve are of oak (Deri means oaks), but the normally tall canopy trees have been stunted by the strong sea winds.

There are no settlements along this section of the path, therefore it has become an important habitat and breeding ground for a wide variety of seabirds, including a colony of cormorants. You can spot chough, kestrels, peregrine falcons and ravens too. The rock platforms below are a secluded nursery for atlantic grey seals.

As you descend the slopes of Alltwen ridge you'll enjoy the inviting view of Aberystwyth town and castle, and beyond to the mountains of Snowdonia. The final approach towards Aberystwyth harbour is along the shingle beach of Tanybwlch nature reserve, which lies below the distinctive Pendinas hill and iron age fort.

To reach the seafront and the town centre you will need to cross two rivers. First, the Ystwyth, that gave the town its name. You will follow it as it runs behind the storm beach of Tanybwlch before it joins the sea at the harbour. To cross the Rheidol, the second river that empties into the harbour  you will skirt around the harbour and marina and then cross Trefechan Bridge. From here you could head straight into the centre of town, or enjoy the final mile by following the promenade around castle point. Why not go the the very north end of the promenade, just below Craig Glais and the Cliff Railway, to mark the ned of your journey for the day by following a local, and rather quirky, tradition of 'kicking the bar', before strolling back with other promenaders towards the centre of town.  It is quite likely that you will be rewarded with a spectacular sunset.