Tide Tables and Weather Forecasts

Always check the tides before embarking on an excursion along the coast, whether on land or sea. 

If you're unfamiliar with the shape of the beaches and headlands,  it's easy to be caught out when you've ventured just a little bit further than planned  or don't realise how time passes when you are enjoying yourself!

The tide times and heights supplied are approximate tidal data predictions for Aberystwyth.

The approximate amount of correction required to calculate data for a selection of other Cardigan Bay locations is as follows:​​​

Cardigan Bar - 33 minutes (earlier than Aberystwyth)
Cardigan Bridge - 23 minutes
Aberporth - 21 minutes
New Quay - 7 minutes
Aberaeron - 5 minutes
Borth + 11 minutes (later than Aberystwyth)
Aberdyfi + 18 minutes
Glandyfi ( estuary)  + 38 minutes

NB: The tide heights listed may be affected by adverse weather conditions.